Terms of Use

Terms & Conditions

  • Contributor has a right to select any patient/disease from website prior to making the contribution.
  • Contributor can pay the amount of its choice only through the designated bank account of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (UBL Account Title: Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal, Account No: 220951896 Branch Code: 0635) and contributor can also pay through Goodworld, Omni service (For Pakistani Users) , Cash/Bank Draft, Cheque, Online Banking, ATM, Paypal (For international Users), Debit & Credit Card.
  • Contributor cannot retrieve any Fund amount, once the contribution is made/ deposited through the designated bank of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal as it is an irrevocable donation.
  • Contributor will get notification through SMS or E-mail for its paid amount against particular patient or disease.
  • That, if a patient expires during his fund raising campaign, Fund paid amount will be automatically diverted towards the emergency account of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal and contributor will receive notification regarding adjustment of Fund.
  • Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal charge 15% from each campaign as administrative charges.
  • The emergency funds which we have generated for Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal would be utilized either on the emergency cases or on those patients whose surgery has been done and due to some complication during the operation more money is required. We apprehend that there might be various forms of complexities during the surgical treatment of any patient and the lack of funds should not become an obstacle in treating the patient. Hence, the emergency funds will always be there to help in completing the process till the patient is fully recovered.
  • We only publish the approximate required amount for surgery. The amount may vary according to the condition of a patient during the surgery.